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10 February 2010 @ 12:06 am
Dear Government,

My dad made $12,000 last year. My mom made $28,000. I made $10,000 (and pay $28,000/yr for school).

We spent the first half of the year on food stamps and I spent most of the summer homeless. Our house was foreclosed.

Between the three of us, we have no retirement funds, pensions, or savings to speak of. The grand total of all four bank accounts is $600.

How in the FUCK did my Expected Family Contribution go up?!

I fucking hate you,
Mirror, Mirror
Fandom(s): Gossip Girl & Kings
Pairing: Blair Waldorf/Jack Benjamin
Summary: She ignores the way his eyes wander and, in turn, he pretends he doesn’t notice hers doing the same.

Note: Written for the 'weapons' prompt at choco_cherries. Only, this didn’t turn out like I wanted at all. Also, Carter doesn’t exist. So let’s pretend New York is Gilboa and that Jack was around for Blair’s downfall.

(Blair was never good at avoiding boys with self-destruction in their eyes.)Collapse )
01. I am officially over the stomach flu from hell. My bitch roommate gave it to me, just before she fled town for the holidays. So my time off (the first three days in a row I've had off since April) were spent puking and shitting and being generally miserable. It mainly sucked because I hadn't gone to the grocery in a while so, even when I started keeping water and solid food down, I didn't have much around and everyone I would have felt comfortable brow beating into making a pit stop was out of town for the holidays too. LAME. But I made it through. /overshare /whine

02. Of course, I'm better just in time to get back to work. I close tomorrow... on Christmas Eve! :( I actually don't mind that much, I'd rather work it so someone who has actual family traditions and such can have it off. Plus, Mom and Toe only work half days so by the time they drive in from Madison, we'll be getting to my place around the same time. Then we'll have 36 hours of family time before they drive to Nashville on Saturday morning and I start four days of nothing but work. I'll fly down on Tuesday night in time for their New Year's Eve wedding!! I'm so excited for us to be real family on paper too... even if my maid of honor dress is kind of ug.

03. The Glee: Vol 1 soundtrack has been on loop since I got it last week. Even after my employee discount, it was still $8 I shouldn't have spent but whatever. I bought it when I was picking up the last of my Christmas presents, the new Lady GaGa for my mother and Public Enemies for Toe.

04. Speaking of my new favorite fandom: Does anybody have any good Glee fanfic recommendations? I'm kind of addicted. Pretty much everything I've read so far is really formulaic and cliche but I don't care. I love Rachel/Puck and anything with good Glee!family stuff but if it's made of awesome then it doesn't have to be either.

05. Spam!Time of Things That Made Me Happy During Sick Time:
Could Lea and Mark be any cuter?! With their matching plaid and his hipster glasses! Fangirl meet new obsession. I wish I had all those videos and pictures so I could make icons. (Side Note: I haven't been able to find pretty Glee ones! Any suggestions?)
Leighton & Seb continue to be adorable. They're always so affectionate, even if it's in a understated way. And he's so supportive! Every time you read a recap of a concert, it always mentions him cheering her on from the front row.
OMG! So much Nate/Jenny! So pretty! That is all.
Current Music: 'Lasso' by Phoenix
13 December 2009 @ 11:59 pm
01. I'm baaaaaaaack. Fo realz this time. Seriously. I'm all caught up on my flist and everything (which doesn't mean you shouldn't link me to important/fun/awesome things I missed in the past, oh, six months). I missed you guys like crazy and I'm so sorry I've been a bad friend for half the year! Which brings me to my next point...

02. I did a friend's cut and ended up clearing out more than half of my flist. Mainly because I want to focus on the people I love and the friends I want to get to know better. Most of the journals that were cut died a long time ago (which made me really sad because soooo many people I love have up and left LJ) but if you think I cut you by mistake/want to be readded, just let me know.

03. I'm not going to bother doing a big recap post of my life, because frankly it's not that interesting. Couch surfing sucked, my new apartment is kind of crummy but I like the neighborhood and have grown to resent my flaky roommate. For the first time, I have a great group of friends that I really love, but both work and finals suck right now so that's kind of sucking the joy out of everything in life. And the weather is depressing. Bleh.

04. Some times Most of the time, I'm really disgusted with our government. As someone whose family has gone through a lot of shit, only to be told it wasn't shitty enough to count, I can relate to someone whose punished for the one break she can find.

05. If any of you have a few free moments, please fill out this survey I'm conducting for a class final. It literally takes less than ten minutes and you will have my undying love and affection. Also, my results are totally skewed in favor of girls so if you are a boy/have a brother/male best friend/are sitting next to a guy at a coffee shop, make them take it too! 73/92 responses are female lol.

06. The new version of iMovie is the most frustrating thing ever. I hate that the file formats are so limited. Anyone know of a free video editing program that can be used on a Mac? I just need to be able to slice up video for the school project above and post it to YouTube, nothing fancy.

07. Who has a Tumblr? Because I doooooo and I want more people to follow.

08. Call me crazy but I'm actually excited for Life UneXpected. Despite the random capitalization in the title and the fact that the extended trailer sports lines like 'We can give her what no one else has--we can love her!" It actually looks really good and I love the cast. It's so funny to see Shiri Appleby and Kerr Smith in the 'parent' roles! It kind of makes me sad and excited all at once. But seriously, check out the five minute featurette and squee with me.

09. Is it time for the new season of Chuck to start yet? Because I'm excited for that to start too. I rewatched some episodes the other day and it's even funnier now that I work at Best Buy/have friends on the Geek Squad. (Confession: I once called it the 'Nerd Herd' when talking to a customer. True story.)

10. My paid account died last week and, obviously, LJ did not let me keep any good/frequently used icons. LAME. Umm. Yeeeeeah. thememoryslides is made of win, in case you didn't know.
07 August 2009 @ 09:57 am
I'm baaaaaaack. Mostly.

But there's no way I'm going to catch up on two months of back entries (as much as I would love that ability). So I'm in the process of skimming and doing a flist clean out (there were a lot of cuts during my hiatus!) but I need your help.

Have you written fic? Made a fan mix/pretty graphic post/pic!spam/etc? Have something really cool happen to you? Undergoing a huge life-altering change that I need to catch up on? Have a hot summer fling? Did fandom explode while I was gone? Did I miss pretty photoshoots?! I FEEL SO LOST. Thus I need links galore. Please?

Real entry later. Pinky-swear.