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Hider Paige

The story of a girl who runs away from anything important.

23 June
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Hider. 18. Southern. Sarcastic. Fangirl. Random to the millionth power.

the prologue

Originally from Tennessee, I'm a restless person who often decides to pack up and move with little notice. At the moment, I'm living in downtown Chicago, where I study art and programming at Columbia College. Between full-time classes, a part-time internship, a family spread out across multiple states, and friends who are less than sane, my schedule is kind of random. My posts tend to go from scarce to spammy in no time.

A good chuck of my journal is grounded in real life but I also spend way too much time watching, talking, and obsessing over television shows and (especially) ships. I have a penchant for unconventional pairings and crossover love so I squee about those a lot. Because of the nature of my journal, and the fact that I'm way too lazy/forgetful/spazzy to consistently lock entries, my journal is 98% public and will probably stay that way.

'zall about me.

Current Fixations: Bones. Castle. Friday Night Lights. Gossip Girl. The Big Bang Theory.

Biggest OTPs: Rory/Jess. Mac/Dick. Nate/Jenny. Booth/Brennan. Michael/Maria. Barney/Robin. Rachel/Sark. Tim/Julie.

Most Favoritest: Jess Mariano. Spike. Kyle Valenti. Brian Kinney. Julian Sark.

Obsessed: David Anders. Krysten Ritter. Jesse Plemons. Scott Porter. Neil Patrick Harris.

Full list of fandoms and ships?

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